Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome Back Mill Valley Families

We are so excited to get our Counselors' Corner blog started up again!

I know for some, summer felt long and for others, perhaps not long enough! Either way, we're back! Claudia, Jason (Mr. M) and I (Ms. Jen) would like to welcome you all back for the 2015-16 school year. We are so excited to see some familiar faces at our schools, and very excited to see some new faces.

For this first post, we will simply give you some basic information about our MV Elementary Counseling Program.  We currently have three School Counselors and three School Counselor Interns for our five elementary schools. The allocation is as follows:

Strawberry Point - Claudia Trinklein-Engman & Jan Gibbs (Intern)
Park Elementary - Claudia Trinklein-Engman & Jen Ferrer
Old Mill Elementary - Claudia Trinklein-Engman & Meredith Mishel (Intern)
Tam Valley Elementary - Jason Mountsier & Jen Ferrer
Edna Maguire Elementary - Jason Mountsier & Jen Ferrer & Kristen Hartley (Intern)

Claudia's Schedule:
Monday - Strawberry Point Elementary
Tuesday - Old Mill Elementary
Wednesday - Strawberry Point Elementary
Thursday - Old Mill Elementary
Friday - Park Elementary

Jason's Schedule:
Monday - Edna Maguire Elementary
Tuesday - Edna Maguire Elementary
Wednesday - Tam Valley Elementary
Thursday - Tam Valley Elementary
Friday - Tam Valley Elementary & Edna Maguire Elementary

Jen's Schedule:
Monday - Park Elementary
Tuesday - Tam Valley Elementary
Wednesday - Edna Maguire Elementary
Thursday - Edna Maguire Elementary
Friday - Tam Valley Elementary

We are excited to continue our Kimochis program, as well as our Bucket Book and No Bully programs.  You may also see characters from the latest and greatest movie "Inside Out"make an appearance at our schools, along with some Zones of Regulation.

Some blog topics to look out for this year:
Bully Awareness
Screen time/Managing electronics
Zones of Regulation
Kimochis (a personal favorite!)
As well as, tools for completing homework at home and information about in-class lessons managed by our counseling staff.

If there are any topics you would like addressed or even if you would like additional information about one of these topics, please never hesitate to contact your school's Counselor.

Additionally, our district has two School Counselors at the middle school, Mill Valley Middle School. Randi Josephson and Alison Goodman also post helpful information and articles on their school website.  They discuss topics various topics such as, perfectionism, helicopter parenting, and many more. We will post information about new articles and topics they add throughout the year, so keep a look out!

And finally, you maybe be wondering how to contact your School Counselor.  We encourage parents to first speak with their child's teacher for any questions or concerns, however, we welcome direct contact as well. To contact your school's Counselor, please visit your schools website and search under "Staff Info" for their email address. Please remember, no question is a bad question!

Edna Maguire
Old Mill
Tam Valley
Strawberry Point
Mill Valley Middle School

Let's have a great year!
Thank you :)

Claudia, Jason (Mr.M) and Jen