Sunday, April 19, 2015


By Jan Gibbs - M.F.T Intern & School Counselor

When I reflect on parenting our 2 daughters, who are now women, I remember frequently asking myself, “How can two children grow up in the same household with two parents who have agreed to be consistent in parenting, enforcing the same rules and, in general, holding  the same expectations in regard to behavior, end up being so very different?

Our older daughter was rather mellow, willing to please, compliant and cautious enough to be successful in her endeavors, but took enough calculated risks to be challenged without being challenging. Our younger daughter seemed to come into the world looking for a party. She would leap first and ask questions later. Often we felt more than a few steps behind her. They each had such different styles.

How we, as parents, interacted with each child seemed to differ depending on how alike or different we were to each one.

When I found this article, it answered a lot of the questions I had years ago and many I hear from parents of students I counsel now. I hope you find it useful.