Monday, September 15, 2014

Who are the School Counselors?


On behalf of our Elementary School Counseling team, I would like to welcome you back to a new school year by introducing you to our new blog, Counselors’ Corner.

Each month, our MV counseling team will celebrate a new topic supported with articles, posts from our amazing teachers & faculty, and tools our counseling staff uses to keep our students on track to learn.  Our hope is to make this blog an adjunct for supporting your students social-emotional needs.

You may be asking yourself, who are our MV Elementary School Counselors?  This question is the perfect segue into our September topic:  Who are the School Counselors?

Dr. Claudia Trinklein-Engman
Claudia is the proud founder of our counseling program.  Twenty-five years ago she created the Mill Valley elementary school counseling program on the heels of Prop 13, which took away all of the direct mental health services for the pubic school system.  At the start of the program she was the sole counselor for all five elementary schools in the district. Since that time we have been fortunate enough to hire two more professional school counselors.  The program has grown exponentially.  In testament to this growth, presently, Claudia has four School Counselor and MFT interns working directly under her supervision.

Claudia is also a proud mother of two awesome boys who both went to Old Mill Elementary and now a grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren.  She lives in Mill Valley with her husband and dog, Darby.

The regal Mr. Darby

Jason Mountsier (Mr. M)
Jason, also known as Mr. M, is getting ready to start his 15th year of school counseling. Eight of those years have been served in the Mill Valley District. Jason started out working for County Mental Health in the Psych Services Department as a Psychometrist.  From there he expanded his experience working as a teen probation counselor, a high school guidance counselor providing career, college, grief and substance abuse counseling, as well as, brief family systems counseling in a school based counseling program. He feels privileged and happy to be apart of the Mill Valley School District and the counseling program.  He loves the students, staff and community and being apart of the solution that helps support our students in the district.

When he’s not in school, you’ll often find him going on mini adventures with his wife and children.  He loves the outdoors, finds it difficult to put down a good book, and has two children both in the Mill Valley District in 3rd grade and middle school.   But we can’t forget his fur child, Skippy John Jones and the Temple of Doom, aka Mr. Jones:

The adventurous Mr. Jones

Jen Ferrer (Ms. Jen)
I (Jen) am excited to start my first official year as a professional school counselor for the Mill Valley School District.  After spending the last 3 years as an intern working directly under Claudia and Jason’s supervision, I feel so fortunate and proud to officially be welcomed to the MV district team!  Before my work in the district, I worked as a case manager for a diversion program and spent several years working in the non-profit field heading up a widely known Walks for Autism research that brought both community involvement and knowledge of the Autism spectrum.  It is a dream to serve the students and this community and I'm excited to be apart of a team that supports the social & emotional learning of our younger student population.     

Outside of school you will find me watching or playing sports, baking delicious goodies, or going for hikes with my husband and black lab, Jenna.

 Ms. Jenna in her Halloween costume :)

Look out for new topics each month.  Our October topic will introduce a fun social/emotional program we use in both our classroom guidance lessons and in daily counseling situations.  Just wait until you see this amazing program!!

We are excited to introduce this blog and welcome another great school year!